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This website has been created by La Factoría de la Creatividad for informational purposes and for the personal use of users. Through this Legal Notice, it is intended to regulate the access and use of this website, as well as the relationship between the website and its users. At the same time, we want our clients to have greater transparency about their rights, our internal policies and procedures so that they maintain the trust they place in us.

The Factory of Creativity is a registered trademark. It has been 6 years since we began our work, and since then we have traveled a path that has allowed us to learn a lot and specialize in developing products adapted to the needs of our customers, who are both people who want unique and special items for their family or friends. ; such as companies that want to include a concept, a message or thanks for their employees.

We are a small family business where we design and manufacture products, we work every day to offer the best of ourselves to our customers. We are creative and flexible, open to listening to needs and capturing them in the best way in the materials we work with, glass, mdf and acrylics. And we are also very compliant. Proof of this is given by the opinions that most of our clients on Google and Facebook very kindly give us.



The images that appear in our store are entirely ours, they are real and correspond to products designed and manufactured here at La Factoría de la Creatividad. So we have all the copyrights, both on the images and on each and every one of the products that we exhibit, which we have been creating during our trajectory of these years.

We are here to serve you and listen to your needs!

We are a hyper-personalization alternative, this is the specialty of this house.

We maintain direct contact throughout the process of designing, manufacturing, shipping and delivering the products. Our customers are informed at all times how their orders are being processed.

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Company name: The owner of the web domain is the brand: La Factoría de la Creatividad.

Registered office: Carrera 25 No.64-120 Barranquilla – Colombia Email: WhatsApp: +57 3022392838 - @lafactoriadelacreatividad on Facebook and Instagram.