Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment


The shipment of the products is by postal mail, the orders can be received in the place of preference (home, work). We ship to almost all over the world. There are shipping policies according to each country. But we do have Fedex, as our best ally for product deliveries. The delivery time depends on the place selected for delivery, and is calculated at the time of placing the order. That is if it is necessary to take into account that the products are manufactured at the moment of receiving the order and have a design and elaboration time that is indicated in the description of the products, and depends on the size and level of complexity of the requested order.


At La Factoría de la Creatividad we are willing to solve any inconvenience that may arise in the purchase or delivery of our products, as quickly as possible.

And for this, users/customers can contact WhatsApp +57 3022392838 or email

Also, you can Log in with your account and through the Contact Us section, send us a message.

In any case, if we would like to say that in 6 years that we have been working, we do not usually have returns, since we make sure to make the product with all the requested indications, we only manufacture with a previously approved design, and we have Fedex as our best ally for the delivery of products. All this guarantees that your order will arrive in the best conditions and within the expected delivery period.


What happens if you need to exchange an item?

Products may be exchanged when users/customers receive an item that is wrong, defective, damaged, due to improper handling by the carrier or for any other reason. In any of these cases, please contact us immediately by WhatsApp or by email, and we will give you the solution as the case may be.

Can I exchange or return a personalized product?

No, according to the law, goods made according to the specifications of the consumer/user or clearly personalized cannot be returned. However, at La Factoría de la Creatividad we do everything possible to exceed your expectations and offer you a product of the best quality; Through images we will show you models of the final product in the store, and in case we have doubts we will always contact you to prevent errors. And most importantly, we do not manufacture until you approve the design, according to the indications you have provided.